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First In North India to introduce B. Tech in Automation & Robotics Engineering.

India is at the crossroads of becoming a superpower with the economy growing at a tremendous pace and advancements in Technology are changing lives like never before. The vision of our Honorable prime Minister is to implement futuristic programmes like Make in India, Digital India, Start-up India etc. With these initiatives and implementation the need to have skilled manpower increases. Gulzar Group of Institutes embraces the vision of our worthy Prime Minister and commits itself to provide the students Best in Class Education coupled with practical knowledge so that the graduates passing from it are able to add to nation’s progress.

Gulzar Group of Institutes has always set high benchmarks for academic excellence through rigorous course delivery and balancing it with extra curricular activities. This has helped us rank among the Best Institutes in North India and area around Punjab and Chandigarh in particular. It has won various accolades from various Chambers and Associations- ASSOCHAM & CMA to name a few.

B.Tech in Automation & Robotics Engineering has emerged as the preferred branch for study of advanced technologies and has various applications in industries where a lot of operations can be automated to bring in precision, speed and reduce manpower costs. Robots have proved themselves successful in areas of operations where it is dangerous for humans to operate; in medical surgeries where difference in precision can mean matter of life and death.

Come and experience the beautiful world of Robotics & other disciplines in GGI!!!




ROBOMANIA 2017 is going to be…

10 Feb



Annual Function and Prize…

22 Sep